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The company was founded by Dr. Nenad Novakovic, one of the pioneers of the graphics industry in the former Yugoslavia. He completed chemistry studies in 1961 in Ljubljana, and at the beginning of his career became manager of several branches of the chemical industry. In the years from 1965 to 1980, he has within Cinkarna Celje founded the factory, where he developed its own technology for production of offset plates and licensed production of printing inks. He left Cinkarna Celje in 1980. In 1985, in the field of chemical sciences at the Technical University of Vienna he presented doctoral thesis: Determination of the qualitative levels of offset printing plates produced by various procedures with up-to-date method of measurement. In the same year he was employed in a chemical factory Hauseleiter & Co. in Munich, which produces chemicals for the printing industry. In 1990, in Istria in Croatia near Poreč he founded his own company "Dr. Novakovic, "whose primary activity is the sale of printing inks BASF, offset plates and graphic materials. In following years (1991 and 2006) two more companies have been established, Grafo Lit Ltd. Slovenia and Grafolit S d.o.o. Serbia.


The seat of the central company is located in Žalec / Vrbje, 12 km from Celje, half way between the city of Maribor and the capital Ljubljana. The location is logistically an ideal starting point for the sales of graphic materials in the three largest Slovenian regions. The main Slovenian port Koper is only 180 km away. The company operates in Croatia, in Zagreb, and in Serbia, in Belgrade. The Budapest based office services Slovakia and Hungary. In 2015, new offices in Prague and in Vienna became operational. In 2015, the sales office in Barcelona was established, focusing on overseas markets. Grafo lit d. o. o. is a business and production complex with two storage areas the size of about 5000 m2 and with enough land for the construction of additional 5,000 m2 of warehouses, which are in company's short-term development plan. The company has very good business relations with a large number of customers, primarily in the area of the former Yugoslavia, as well as in Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Albania and Greece. It is one of the leading suppliers of paper, cardboard, and graphic materials in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and also in the wider region. In 2014, all related companies achieved around 45.000 tons of sales of various products, mainly graphic papers and cardboards.

»If there is no way, we'll make one«

(Hanibal before crossing Alps)
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