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Personal Data Protection Statement

1. General

Company Grafo Lit (production and sales of graphic products) respects your rights to privacy and aims to protect your personal data on the highest level possible. When performing the activity we are bound to perform in accordance with Laws and Regulations, which define the protection of personal data, especially in accordance with the new Law on Personal Data Protection, Electronic Communication Act and GDPR (General Data Protection Act).The purpose of this GDPR statement is to inform you about the purpose of using your personal data, how it will be used, what your rights are and how to assert them.

Company Grafo Lit d.o.o. undertakes to use your personal data obtained in accordance with the GDPR Statement. Personal data will not be sold, lent or passed on to the third parties, except in legally defined cases. 

2. Data Controller

Controller of your personal data is company Grafo Lit d.o.o., Vrbje 80A, 3310 Žalec, Slovenia. As your privacy is important to us, in case of any questions connected to processing your personal data, please contact us via e-mail: or call +386 (0)3 71 36 826. All themes and contents will be dealt with highest confidentiality by our proxy.

3. Types of Personal Data

Personal data we process consists of:

  • General information about you: name, surname, (including prefix or title);
  • Contact information: business address, electronic address, business telephone number, telephone number of personal mobile phone.

4. The Purpose of Data Processing

All your personal data will be treated confidentially and be used just for the purpose, they have been passed on to us.

5. Users of the Data

The Controller undertakes to use the collected personal data just for the purpose, they have been sent to us.The data will not be disclosed to the third parties.

In accordance with the legal jurisdiction your personal data will be disclosed to the following users, depends on the country you select in our web contact form:

  • Grafo Lit d.o.o., Vrbje 80A, 3310 Žalec, Slovenia,
  • Grafo Lit d.o.o. Zagreb , Gradišće 5, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • Grafolit S d.o.o., Cara Dušana 207, 11080 Beograd, Serbia
  • Grafo Lit Hungary Kft.,Puskás Tivada út.3, 2040, Budapest, Hungary
  • Grafo Lit Prodajna pisarna Češka, Karolovarska 814, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Grafo Lit Prodajna pisarna Avstrija, Lerchenstrasse 12, 4540 Bad Hall, Austria

We took suitable measures in accordance with the relevant legislation about personal data protection to assure your personal data remains protected and safe.

6. Basis of Use of Personal Data

Basis, on which we use your personal data, are as follows:

  • When necessary for our legal business interest – use of your personal data helps us manage and improve our business performance, and decrease the interruptions when performing product trading from our sales portfolio. Use of personal data enables us the adjusted communication with you and a successful and efficient experience with our products as well. Legal interests can comprise:
  • Enables an efficient and successful managing of our business
    • Maintenance of conformity with our internal procedures and policy of managing our relationships with the customers
    • Providing up-to-date solutions for customer interaction
    • Informing our customers about additional information with the purpose of improving offers of our products.

7. The Period of Data Storage

Your contact data from the web contact form are processed until your cancellation and until the matter, for what you contacted us, is topical respectively.

8. Mode of Personal Data Protection

Company Grafo Lit d.o.o. undertakes to protect your personal data we are passed through the use of web contact form. Company Grafo Lit d.o.o. will do everything to protect your personal data from any kind of violation and abuse.

Your personal data is stored in electronic form. Our computer systems are protected with technical and organisational measures, which prevent unintentional or illegal destruction, loss, change and unauthorised disclosure or access to your personal data. 

9. Your Rights

Company Grafo Lit d.o.o. assures realization of your rights, connected with the processing of your personal data. Individual, on whom the personal data are referred to, can any time demand from Grafo Lit d.o.o.: 

  • To confirm, if the personal data, connected with them, are processed or not
  • To allow the access to personal data (that is perusal and their copy)
  • To give the information about the processing of personal data (e.g. purpose of processing, types of personal data, users, to whom the personal data were/will be passed, expected time period of storage of personal data, , technical and organizational measures for data protection, etc.)
  • To allow the correction of their inaccurate personal data and supplement of incomplete personal data
  • To allow the right of personal data erasure (so called right of oblivion)
  • To allow the processing limitation
  • To allow the right of processing objection, if the data processing is based on legal interest of data controller
  • To give the information of their right to complain at the authoritative supervisory agency

Company Grafo Lit d.o.o. will give to the individual to their demand also other information about their personal data processing, each time in accordance with the current legislation.

Company Grafo Lit d.o.o. commits itself to answer to the individual, on whom the personal data are referred to, without any unnecessary delay, but not later than in statutory prescribed terms.

10. Contact

All your questions about the confidentiality of your personal data, modes of colleting and processing and all your demands for rights enforcement of your personal data, will be answered by responsible person in company Grafo Lit d.o.o and/or proxy for personal data protection. For contact with personal data protection proxy please write an e-mail to:

11. Changes

We reserve the right with objective Personal Data Protection Statement to adjust it occasionally to actual circumstances and legislation on the field of personal data protection. For that reason we are asking you to check the current variation before passing the personal data with, all with the purpose to be informed with possible changes and supplements.

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